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Working age welfare benefits, personal taxation, and the labour market: White Paper implications

Scotland’s Future describes an ambitious vision for tax and welfare policy in an independent Scotland. Welfare and taxation policies will be better integrated with education, health and employability initiatives. Benefits will provide a standard of living that allows dignity and … Continue reading

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Debt – More Clarity Needed

Did the White Paper on Scottish independence need to be so long? It arrived on my desk with a resounding thud and I wondered whether we were supposed to judge it on its physical or intellectual weight.  Yet even with … Continue reading

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The White Paper vs the IFS

Many of the questions, both actually asked in the press conference, and hypothetically asked in the Q&A in Part 5 of the White Paper, drew a comparison between the optimistic assessment of Scotland’s economy from the Scottish Government against last … Continue reading

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Scotland’s long-term fiscal prospects: latest IFS analysis

The Institute for Fiscal Studies often upsets governments by not agreeing with their policy prescriptions or with their view of the future. So the recent analysis of Scotland’s fiscal prospects by the IFS may have been unwelcome to the Scottish … Continue reading

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Inequality in Scotland

The full version of our paper looking at trends in inequality can be found here: Inequality in Scotland

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