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The Referendum: Latest Odds

The bookies odds have been gradually moving in favour of a ‘No’ vote. I explained how these odds are calculated here. My latest estimates, which are described in this post, reflect the odds taken up to 12 noon on 6th … Continue reading

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The Odds On the Referendum Outcome

What is the best way to forecast the outcome of the independence referendum ? This is an important issue for individuals, organisations and businesses planning the future. In this paper I calculate a new way of forecasting the referendum outcome. It uses  “prediction markets” rather … Continue reading

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International Conference on the Economics of Constitutional Change

The International Conference on the Economics of Constitutional Change, held in Edinburgh on the 19th and 20th of September 2013, brought together leading academics and policy makers to review the Scottish independence debate within the context of wider international experiences. … Continue reading

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Business Attitudes to the Independence Debate

The business community has been relatively quiet during the independence debate. Just like the public, businesses have differing views about the case for Scottish independence. Some argue that independence will be transformational, leading to a revival of entrepreneurship and the … Continue reading

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Scotland’s currency options: a ‘hard’ currency? (speech)

Dr Angus Armstrong, NIESR and ESRC Fellow[1] SCOTLAND’S CURRENCY OPTIONS: A ‘HARD’ CURRENCY? “In a world of sovereign states, nothing can be regarded as truly irreversible”[2]  Professor Benjamin Cohen Introduction Good morning ladies and gentlemen. It is a great pleasure … Continue reading

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Irish Land Annuities and Debt Default

Between 1870 and 1909, the British Government passed a number of Land Acts aimed at improving the lot of Irish tenant farmers. These included loans for tenants to purchase land which were funded by the Irish Land Commission, set up in … Continue reading

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Debate – Scotland reneges on its share of the UK national debt

One possible independence bargaining strategy: Scotland refuses to take on any of UK national debt unless rUK accepts Scotland within the sterling area. Is this credible? What would be the no-agreement outcome for both parties? Views? Reactions?

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