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Working age welfare benefits, personal taxation, and the labour market: White Paper implications

Scotland’s Future describes an ambitious vision for tax and welfare policy in an independent Scotland. Welfare and taxation policies will be better integrated with education, health and employability initiatives. Benefits will provide a standard of living that allows dignity and … Continue reading

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Inequality in Scotland

The full version of our paper looking at trends in inequality can be found here: Inequality in Scotland

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Constitutional change and inequality in Scotland – David Bell, David Comerford and David Eiser

Inequality and social justice are playing a central role in the debate around Scottish independence. In “Scotland’s Economy: the Case for Independence”, the Scottish Government asserts that the UK Government has done too little to address rising inequality in the … Continue reading

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Student grants in Scotland: a case of the rocks versus the sun?

by Lucy Hunter, Freelance analyst and formerly Head of Higher Education, Science and Student Support in the Scottish Executive From this autumn maintenance grants for Scottish full-time students in higher education will fall sharply in value.  New and existing low-income young students … Continue reading

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Addressing inequality in an independent Scotland

Inequality is at the centre of the debate on Scottish independence. In Scotland’s economy: the case for independence, the Scottish Government (2013) highlights the findings of its Fiscal Commission Working Group: ‘Scotland is currently part of a UK economic model … Continue reading

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