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Examples: what will be the effect of Scottish Independence on the National Lottery? How will the Crown Estate assets be divided in the case of independence

The Odds On the Referendum Outcome

What is the best way to forecast the outcome of the independence referendum ? This is an important issue for individuals, organisations and businesses planning the future. In this paper I calculate a new way of forecasting the referendum outcome. It uses  “prediction markets” rather … Continue reading

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Attitudes and Voting Intentions

People’s perceptions and attitudes determine electoral outcomes. In this report we examined attitudes and beliefs about the Referendum options. Yougov administered a survey designed by the authors to a representative sample of 2037 people in December 2013. Our findings confirm … Continue reading

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Independence as a “Real Option”: Explaining the campaign so far

A common refrain from pro-union campaigners has been for the SNP to provide detail around “what independence would look like”. To the extent that a vision of an independent Scotland has been provided by the SNP (not necessarily by Yes … Continue reading

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Concentrating economic activity in London

The Scottish Government released its paper, ‘Scotland’s economy: the case for independence‘ on Tuesday 21st May. Amongst other things, the paper argues that the union damages Scotland’s economic performance by deciding “to concentrate so much economic activity in London and the South-East … Continue reading

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